Option A


You can put it in a bag of rice for ??? long and HOPE it works

Option B


Use an industry leading process with a 96% success rate!!!

Don’t wait any longer!

Call us right away or visit us inside Wireless Zone on 3193 Chili Ave (Across from Wendy’s)

We will help you out immediately!

3 Easy Steps

FIRST – we will discuss what happened so we can do some triage with you.

SECOND – we will provide you with a loaner phone.  We will not let you go without your lifeblood.

THIRD – we’ll place your phone back into liquid!!!  That’s right! We put your phone into a liquid compound to dry it out and increase the success of your recovery. WHAT!!!?????

 Believe us…we have used numerous ways to recover water damaged phones over the years and this system has the highest recovery rate of them all – a 96% recovery rate!  So, you heard it right, we submerse your phone into a liquid bath to dry it out.

EZ DRY Liquid Damaged Recovery System

The EZ Dry Liquid Damaged Recovery System uses a liquid oxidizing bath, ultrasonic frequencies and heat to chemically and electromechanically remove the water and water based impurities that is the cause of the short circuit when your phone gets wet.  This process removes water and water impurities from the contacts through ultrasonic frequency waves in a heated bath so when a current goes through it, when you power the phone back on, it does not short out.  There are two different frequencies used, depending upon what happened to your phone.  Once this specialized bath treatment is complete, your device is then transferred into an intense vacuum chamber that extracts the liquid from all exposed parts and contacts.  This chamber measures the moisture levels and automatically completes when it reaches an acceptable arid level and the sensors determine it is a safe and dry environment.  We then place it in the final drying chamber and inspect it before engaging power.  This process delivers a 96% success rate for all liquid damaged phones.

What happens in the cases of the 4% failures?  Well, it’s hard to recover a phone successfully that has been submersed, still powered on and engaged in some level of activity.  For example, if you get a text while the phone sinks to the bottom of the pool, it’s going to be harder to recover it.  Most likely it shorted out.  On the flip side; a phone that has a drink spilled on it and was immediately turned off has a higher success rate of recovery.  It all depends, but we can ensure a higher success rate because of the investment we’ve made into this equipment.


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